U Turn problem activating too soon

Has anyone had issues with U turns being drawn straight after coming out of the previous U turn?
Not on every field and only in one direction.
Current field heading west works as normal, turn using U turn to head back east it draws a green U turn guidance line within 50m.
Turn uturns off, then on again, it draws it another 50 odd m ahead. This happens until about halfway down the paddock, and then it draws it correctly. If i wait to turn uturns on till just before the eastern edge of the field, it will draw it 500m away and has to travel to the edge of the paddock. First noticed in sim and thought it was a just there but have upgraded the tractor to 5.7.2 and also happens
Runs are about 700m long.
AOG 5.7.2
All in one teensy board with dual antenna
Also happen in sim, same paddock same issue with different vehicle configs

I’ve had this happen. How to fix it, I don’t know.

This should be fixed in the next official release.

It should already be fixed in the test versions (5.7.3)

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It’s because you’re uTurning on the side where the field boundary was started & finished.