Ublox F9P config for base

I just bought ardusimple boards for base and rover and i wanted to know if the config file for the base station from ardusimple is good or do i have to modify some settings? I saw a topic for the rover but can’t find one here for the base.


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Normally no parameters to change but if you know the exact position of your base station you can put it in the configuration see tutorial: Set Fixed LLH or ECEF - RTK F9P Positioning Solutions
It is best to have an absolute position

And do you know à method for determining thé exact position of the basé?

I don’t know anything easy.
There are several discussions on this subject on the Ardusimple blog

Maybe someone else knows.

Here in North America we have Survey Monuments that you can use to put your base on (to use those coordinates to “survey in”) and then with your rover you can note the position of where you want to set up your base. Then you have a benchmarked survey point. In France I found this site Serveur de fiches | Géodésie to find surveyed benchmarks/monuments/markers near you provided you live in France. I hope this helps.


I think we have these in the UK too. Called trig points here. Excellent idea if these points are accurately mapped which they could well be. We have one very close to us.

Doesn’t rtklib have a survey mode where it average’s it’s position? Don’t know if u-center has same.

Don’t know about rtklib, probably though. U-center also has the Survey-In that can be put in the config file. You can set how long you want it to collect points. I think by default from Ardusimple it collects info for 10 minutes.

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Would anyone know why I’m getting loads of UBX SEC messages in the packet console?

AFAIK ive only got RTCM3 messages enabled but I’m not getting anywhere with the thing at the moment. Odd.