Ublox ZED-F9P won't start


I’ve recently bought the equipment to get guidline in the field (no autosteer yet).
I’ve connecter the Ublox F9P to my tablet with a USB-C cable and a USB-C > Micro USB adapter.
The Ublox’ leds don’t light up as seen on different videos. I’m connected to the “power+GPS” slot.

Is there something that I’m missing ? Should I config the Ublox ?

Thanks for your help!

Update : it was the USB cable. I connected the F9P to my computer with a classic USB cable and the leds lighted up. Could anyone recommand me a working USB-C To MicroUSB cable ? Thank you!

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Is your cable somehow data only? Power the F9P with something else and see if your cable works for comms.

A lot of the cheaper usb C cables are power only for charging devices, something to watch out for.

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This was also an issue during the initial release of the Emlid M2 as well
The F9P has a considerable current demand especially right at startup, I ended up finding only 3 of 6 cables I owned would work with it.

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Hello m_elias, Hello PotatoFarmer,

Thanks to both your answers, I’ve been able to identify the correct USB cable to use. The F9P started immediately after using the correct one. Here I am in the open world of GPS! :wink:

Thanks for your help.