Ucenter Caster

Anyone using Ucenter as a caster for Ntrip vs SNIP?

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Only when testing on the bench.

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Are you talking about NTRIP client (in NTRIP terms, I understand the server/caster/client names are not following standard terminology)? I thought ucenter only works as a client, receives NTRIP data from a caster and forwards it to the u-blox receiver.

I often use for bench testing this ucenter feature, I guess that is what it is intended for.

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According to the manual, U-center can operate as an NTRIP client or an NTRIP caster on local TCP/IP port.

I don’t see anything in the manual about truly being an NTRIP server, which would connect u-center to a remote caster such as RTK2Go, and upload data that way.


I’m trying to use U-center as an caster on my LAN. I can find the base station in the mountpoint list, but can’t get AgOpenGPS v4.3.10 to connect to it.

Is it possible to use u-center as NTRIP-caster to AgOpen? If so can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hi Ole.
If maximum socket < 10 client.
This solution using ESP32 will be easy to apply for your tractor.

Thank you. I will look in to it. Ended up using RTK2Go.

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Thanks Ole for your interested.
Feel free to ask us if there something unclear or you need help !