UDP connection issues

I can’t connect to anything with UDP. (kit from autosteer.cc)
Anyone know if there’s a special subnet to use for this?

I followed the wiki guide 05. Ethernet Setup · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS Wiki · GitHub
And tried 192.168.1, 192.168.3 and 192.168.5

PC connected to switch,
PCB conneced to switch
Ethernet port on pcb is solid green and blinking yellow.

This is mine
Have you got udp turned on?
Have you flashed the teensy with the right configuration

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UDP is turned on. Got answare from autosteer.cc and 192.168.0 seems to be the correct subnet.
I just got the GPS green tho… Rest is still red.

No, but my kit should already be setup.

What pcb have you got?
Are they any lights on the imu on the board

I got help from autosteer.cc
It turns out that only GPS should be green on this kit.
So tilt and WAS is working now, with 192.168.0 as subnet

This is the kit:

Photo is without the UDP