UDP Machinemodule reconnects all the time

I have build a machinemodule for the tramlines on my seeder. The problem is that it goes from red to green in AGIO all the time

Any tips what can be wrong?

This is how i have tried connected it, whitout change in behavior
Input to the power regulator is directly from tractors 12V

Links to my hardware:

Maybe a short video would give a clue. Include tram setup window.

Edit: New video synced with attached Wireshark cap

Machine module connectivity issues.zip (74.9 KB)

Serial Monitor:

No reboots seen

Can Tool Ping here be the issue?

After analysing the log from Wireshark and reading PNG’s, i have concluded with the machine module does not reply to all the hello requests from AgIO

The machinemodule is sending the ED PGN every 200ms whitout interupt

Some tips why this can happen?

I think its normal. UDP is not very save.

No that’s not normal.

Did you write the code yourself, or use someone else’s?

I guess what I would do is add a debug line right after the hello if statement and see if the Arduino registering every hello from AgIO

This is the code i run on: Boards/ArduinoModules/UDP/Machine_UDP_v5 at main · AgHardware/Boards · GitHub

Machine_UDP_v5.ino Line 281 did i remove the comment and added PGN to the output to see

Exactly what i did @Davidwedel. There i saw the PGN’s was comming in bursts and not a clean flow like wireshark was showing.

When i replaced my China 100mbit POE switch with a D-Link gbit switch all was working fine.
Wondering if its the amount of broadcast traffic that made the issue for my switch.

When i disconnected the panda and the Steer module and run only machine module + simulator all works fine with the China switch.

Why its the machinemodule is suffering from this and not the other modules cant i say anything about

The D-Link switch needs 230V and the 12V => 230V adapter in my tractor is allready maxed out.
Tomorrow will be the last day of seeding this spring. I will fix it during the summer i think :slight_smile: