UDP Maschine Control (help for switch control)

Hello AOG community,

I want to Switch to UDP and 5.6.2.
I have troubles to get my machine/Switch control Box running again. I think its because the New UDP Machine Code does Not considere the pgn for switch control? Can someone help me implement it in the New Code?

Thx Peter

I also wanted to start using everything in UDP, but I missed being able to use the switches to control the machine

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Have you already found a way to manage this?

I’m still designing the PCB but as I’m going to use a wifi router I decided to use the ESP 32 module connected via WiFi, the MTZ code has a switch reading.

it is in the Misc folder of the AOG support files

the only inconvenience is that at least for me AgIo does not show the status connected or disconnected, it just works, but if at any time the connection is lost I will not be informed by it

Just add the pgn that makes it show connected

I have designed a pcb and ordered some. It’s esp32, max 16 sections with switches and relais, w5500 for ethernet, pins for rate control.
I’m already working with it.
If you are interested contact me.
Greetings Matthias

some picture of the prototype

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Does it work with the latest Version and Ethernet and the. 5 Network

I’m using the vineyard edition (different layout) it with wifi and 5.6.12. This works. In my normal code the ethernet support is included with dhcp (works with every ip).
The normal code doesn’t support the MCP23017 and the RS485 at the moment.
How many sections do you need?
Do you need a flowmeter?
Do you need pressure control (motor or PWM)?

Greetings from Germany