Understanding information in System window

Is anyone able to explain what all the information in the system info window means. see picture

Setup - F9p board and aerial simply plugged into my laptop. This is it simpleRTK2B Basic Starter Kit IP67, based on u-blox ZED-F9P
This is configured as a rover using the 10hz settings mentioned here. F9P firmware update and config files

LON - longitude
LAT - latitude
Frame number of times the screen refresh
HZ - number of times the gps aerial is sending a signal to my computer

I believe Frame is the time it took in milliseconds to update the screen.
HDOP is the horizontal dilution of precision, which is the horizontal accuracy of the GPS in metres.
Alt is altitude
“tram” has something to do with AOG’s tramline functionality.
Roll is the IMU roll angle if you had an IMU
FUZ would be the fusion of the IMU heading and the GPS heading (if you had an IMU).
GPS is the heading that is in the VTG messages from the GPS
IMU would show the IMU’s heading.

shoudl i be expecting better than HDOP 0.87m with an F9p and aerial, this combination.

HDOP is a figure that describes how well the satellites are positioned in the sky compared to the receiver position. The receiver type affects the figure only in the sense how many satellite constellations the receiver supports.

Right. It’s not the actual accuracy of your GPS position. You should see a number less than 1. Like .7 or something typically.

Is there any indicator in agopen which gives me a guide as to how good my signal is

I’m drifting 2m across a 20min window

That’s with single gps board only and agopen goes a bit mad when I move the aerial slowly from place to place, tractor jumps through 180 degrees even

EDIT: Your screenshot shows “Single” in the upper right-hand corner. That means you do not have RTK. At best you have DGPS, which is not accurate. Do you expect to have RTK? If not you might be able to turn on SBAS in U-Center, which will give you more accuracy. Obviously RTK is ideal.

Further Edit: If you have the latest firmware installed on your F9P, SBAS should be enabled and if you live in north America or Europe, it will use it automatically. Takes a long time to acquire, though. Took my bench F9P at least 10 minutes to lock on and get a DGPS fix. AgOpenGPS will say “DGPS” in the upper right-hand corner when you have WAAS (SBAS) acquired.

If you need to, you can update the firmware through u-center. I think you have to download the firmware from ublox’ web site and then upload it through u-center.