Understanding the functions of the computers

Hi, I have a few questions

1 when I receive my ardusimple basic do I need to reprogram it ? Or is it ready to plug into my pcb 4.2 STP

2 does the teensy also need to be programmed when I receive it before I plug it in to the PCP?

3 this is my main question that I haven’t been able to find an answer to. How does aog receive ntrip correction, data? Does ardusimple need Internet connection? Does the computer need Internet connection? if so, this will be a problem as many parts of my farm do not have good cellular service.

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  1. The ardusimple needs to be programmed with the configuration file through the u center programme. The configuration file is found here on the forums so it’s pretty easy.

2 is pretty much similar to above only it’s with a different programme

3 the tablet requires internet connection, either from a sim card in the tablet or from a hot spot connection to your phone. AGio receives the rtk corrections this way.
If you have poor signal the other way you could do it is set up a base station of your own near hand and communicate with your ardusimple via radio. This costs a lot more though.