UNO with shield instead of Nano

Has anyone attempted using an UNO r3 with a relay shield like one linked below instead of a nano and separate relay board? I only need 4 sections with a 2amp load and it seems like it would be a pretty simple plug and play endeavor. Relay current draw should be well within the 500ma provided by USB even if all 4 relays are active at once which would alleviate having to run 12v to the section control box. Please advise if my thoughts are flawed… HiLetgo 5V 4 Channel Relay Shield for UNO R3 Relay Shield Four Channel Relay Shield for UNO R3: Electronics

Should work. You need to set the correct pins for the relais in the code. According to a Amazon comment is is 7,6,5,4
A possible code would be the section control code for nano.

Just wanted to update this. It works great with the minor alterations to the code.

I have been using it to spray all day. It makes for a neat and compact little package.

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Could you help me with this please, its all new to me, iv got AOG on a tablet so far and the UNO R3 communicating with the tablet. I can find instructions from beginning to end, just bits here and there @BrianTee