Unstable USB connection between Tablet and Autosteer


My tablet and Autosteer module connected via micro USB cable. And it’s losing connection when I drive on uneven surfaces. So I have to AgIO and reeastablish connections.

Guys what do you do to stabilize it and prevent it from physical disconnections? Probably need some custom 3dprinted case for my tablet?

Pic is attached…

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Ethernet has a stronger adapter (and you don’t have to re-establish in agio if it does drop), but if your tablet doesn’t have ethernet you’re back to USB.

Try something like this, you’ll find it easier to hold in position: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SuperSpeed-Female-Extension-Cable-Oxsubor/dp/B0734K52BH

Yep, no ethernet ports in my tablet…
I checked the link, but my port is microUSB

Find a right-angled Micro-USB one then :slight_smile:

for wiring uSB on my surface

i make bracket fix at the back of the pad bracket

that i can put the wire as loop and i purcharse elbow connector for charging and i cross it

I also for a friend do some parts in TPU to pinch the tablet and try to kill the vibration

The clue is limit the wire as maximun and fix it with smal play to avoid vibration/ transmission

all 3D model are available here

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You should also check, if you have exact same GND spot for both PCB and laptop charger.

You should not for example, power laptop charger from lighter plug, and pcb direct from battery.

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Would one be able to connect a wireless access point to the ethernet and then connect the tablet through wifi? If I understand how AOG uses ethernet correctly it should be able to connect as long as it is on the same network, but I have never done that and I could be very wrong.

I bought a USB to ethernet adapter, cut the USB cable and directly soldered the wires to the tablet. Then i poured epoxy glue into the USB port and cable to prevent short circuit. Its a little crude solution but it works great.