Updated list of PGN’s

Is there an up to date list of the UDP PGN’s? I know about the list in the support folder but it seems to have incorrect info and it is missing a bunch of PGN’s.

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Exactly what I need. Thank you I really appreciate it.

I’m not sure what version of AoG this set of PGNs apply to. But the latest (5.7.2) is not sending scan request as described:

Scan request 7B 123 CA 202 3 202 202 5 CRC

AoG is sending x7F xCA not x7B

My opinion is, that the 0x7B in the PGN.md link is wrong. The scan request should come from source 0x7F, which is simply AOG. So the current implementation, both in AOG and in the modules, is correct, but the PGN overview needs to be updated

If we check the PGN 5.7.xlsx so did that one say 0x7F too, and that file was the source for information when creating PGN.md

Created PR to change the md file