Updating. Am I doing it correctly?

To update AOG I have been simply extracting the compressed file then replacing my existing version with the new one. Making sure I have the same folder name etc. Is this correct?

The last time I did it I seemed to loose all my settings and basically had to set it all up again. Maybe I made a mistake but I’m just checking this is the recommended procedure?

Thank you.

The vehicle settings issue was caused by me. Brian fixed it so should be good now.
If happens again. it is possible to edit file to make it work with latest version rather than inputting all settings again.

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Usually you should delete the AgOpenGPS folder that is created under This PC>Documents as this often creates errors when the folder is not deleted. If you don’t delete it before starting up a new version and you get an error message, this is probably the reason.

You can also copy and move the Vehicle and Field folders somewhere else while you start up your new version, then navigate to them later instead of starting entirely from scratch.

This is a bit of a stop gap solution until true versioning is rolled out.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll try the latest update to see what happens.

Well, I’m getting no errors but having replaced my last version with the new one I’m back to square one again. NTRIP settings and basically everything apart from fields has reset.

It’s highly likely I’m missing something fundamental but I’m not sure what.

Hang on, Save vehicle. I haven’t done that. Is that the issue? Is NTRIP etc in there?