Updating from 5.4 to latest version

Hello I am thinking of updating from 5.4 to latest version im not sure not good with this kind of thing. So if i update do i loose every thing i have in 5.4 like tractor settings paddock records etc? whats the best way to update .
thanks chris

You won’t loose any settings. Don’t forget to update the ino on the Arduino.

Thanks i was not sure

going to update from 5.7.2 to the latest 5.8.3
is there anything else needs updating?


I haven’t changed anything other than the AOG program

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just found your message i have not updated still on 5.4 im not sure how to and worried about loosing settings

You’ll need to update some of your modules. If you’re worried about losing the settings/fields, make a copy of the AgOpenGPS directory in Documents.

normally nothing …

but in case of better to save your “agopengps” folder in my document

took me about 20 minutes to do
the new version didnt have any rtk settings there so had to reconnect everything
probably me tho

on new each version agio need to be reconfigure
so logic
it exist a way to save the config in setting of agio

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