Upgrade to 6.2 from 6.0.10

Hi, is it enought to unzip new version and all machines / settings, fields and ab lines would be upgraded to new version or I’m statring from the scratch?

What’s new in 6.2? Is there any release note?

Basically all bug fixes.

all - means nothing for me :frowning:
what about upgrade process? unizpping and run is enough or do I habve to move some config files, or start from the begining?

Unzip and run is enough.

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All the files that you care about are (probably) in C:\Users\yourWindowsUserName\Documents\AgOpenGPS

These files are not touched by changing between versions. You can have multiple versions of AOG on your machine and change between them using the same vehicles/fields/etc (only run one version at a time).

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Is this the same for 5.7.2?


Something that did change around version 6 is how the lines are utilized, but the line file format is the same. You’ll see that 5.7.2 centers the tractor on the stored line coordinates, while version 6 and later places the edge of the implement on the line coordinates. You can just shift the line to where you need it.

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