URGENT: I need Parts list for gps in 9250 case tractor!

It’s harvest time and I need a way to get gps just for straight lines, no turning at ends of feilds. Ive been researching this program alot. I have an ez steer i can use and a laptop that will run aog. Just need to know everything else I need. It is for use in a 9250 case tractor that will pull the graincart. Thanks

PCB4.1 board, pretty much. Teensy 4.1, BNO085 IMU, ZED-F9P Micro or Standard, depending on which board you go for.

So all I need is a rtx reviever board that has a dish plug in that plugs into laptop.

Oh,and also how do I hook up the ez steer motor and where.

Where you from?

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Vauxhall Alberta