USB problem

I have my pcb v2 built, bn0085 hooked up and f9p all set with correct firmware.
On the bench all works steer motor turns when I move the WAS sensor, If I tilt the IMU the bar on the screen moves. I get FIX using cors.
My problem as of now I have it hooked to a ACER tablet windows 10.
When I connect it to the tough pad that i was going to use in the tractor I can not get but one of the 3 usb to connect. I am using the same usb hub on both computers. I get a message about missing driver I dont know where to find them. I have plugged in one at a time it will only show 2 of the 3 and will only connect to the f9p. I am ready to field test would like to use tough pad, any help would be appreciated.

Missing driver for your Arduino USB? Install the Arduino IDE driver pack.

I will try that , makes sense bcause the tablet that works is the one i uploaded the nano with.