Took my AV out for some testing today and it’s acting like it just drank a bottle of whisky, it’s snaking about all over the place.

Brought it back to the workshop, put it into sim mode and it works perfectly.

Connected the GPS in software and suddenly the WAS is reading really slowly, anything up to 10 seconds delay. Obviously this is throwing the steering out dramatically.

At the moment I’ll all USB and thinking that UDP might resolve some issues.

Is there a guide anywhere for UDP? I’ve always worked solely with USB and I reckon this may be the cause of much of my grief.

Do not think it has anything to do with usb or udp, but configuration of your antenna and which version of AOG you use, or your tablet work with something in the background / or too small.

I had a similar problem, when using my system i had upto 20 sec delay, because my f9p wasn’t configured, due to the stock settings aog probably got to much informations which it couldn’t handle.
And, when you have sent a configuration to your f9p via usb, you have to save it. Otherwise it gets lost after the next startup.


You know what? I’d completely forgotten to do this!


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