Using a network camera as webcam


I just found a way to use a network camera like an USB connected webcam. So the content could be displayed inside AOG (should be easier to get a reliable connection so a implement, compared to such a extreme long USB cable).

Not yet tested, but I thought it might help someone.



So, just received the cheapest network camera I could get that claimed ONVIF-Support (TV-632H2/IP-POE).
It works as an IP cam (IMHO pretty good for the price), but following the instructions a camera is found, but could not be added.

Personally I suspect the camera is the problem, but just as a warning, that it can go wrong.

I remember reading that there was a windows update that it required to work

My Windows tablet was allowed to install any updates it wanted and had installed a larger feature update, so I guess I can rule that out.