Using a Trimble EZ Steer 250 motor with AOG on Case combine

So, my friend had one of these in his combine, but he hated it - never held a good line, and as such it was just there gathering dust. Took it home to try and it’s a pretty decent PWM motor. And seeing as he had two AOG systems on his CVX and his MF, I thought I’d pinch one to try it out. I’ll write this up more fully later and get some decent photos, but it’s very simple and nothing more than :

  • land rover wheel angle sensor on rear axle, grounded to the rear axle itself
    – two-core cable for 5V supply and 5V signal from pins 1 and 2 on Ampseal23 to WAS
  • pins 5 and 6 on Ampseal23 to pins 1 and 3 on the DB9 for the steer motor
  • 12v power to the board

And that’s pretty much it!


That’s a lot of amps for just a single pin on the DB9. You’ll want to double up and use both pins 1&2 together and also 3&4. Trimble used two sets of pins to get more amps into the motor without burning up the DB9.

Looks real good!

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Ah… I did test it, it didn’t draw much current - and the combine steers pretty freely; but noted, I might double it up just to be sure

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So strange seeing that motor calmed down with AOG, Trimbles always were fighting rapidly back and forth.