Using AgOpenGPS for fence line creation and post location

Does AgOpenGPS have a feature for farm fencing creation or is it planned ?

I have a McCormack tractor that I am planning to install AgOpenGPS with an ArduSimple F9p GPS and I have a post rammer on the back for my fence posts and it would be great to be able to plot my posts at 3 or 5 metre intervals in a perfectly straight line and not have to get in and out of the tractor 5 or 6 times to line up the post hole markers before setting each post.

Thanks Heaps Greg.


I’ve made the tree version do it in the simulator. It doesn’t stretch between the corners.

Would at minimum make one heck of a straight line!

Spacing might be a challenge though.

Though AOG drives very straight and handy, a construction transit makes the straightest fence between two points reliably. Keeps the neighbours happy.

I am only intending using it for internal fences and yards as all of the 20km of boundary fence lines are government surveyed.

I have been trying to do it with an app on android but none of them seem appropriate.
I have also set up a surveyors pole with an f9p ardusimple.

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I guess the nuts and bolts of it are that it would be awesome to be able to go to each known corner of any proposed fence line and enter a way point using the portable unit and then come back and plot the lines between those points in AgOpenGPS then say space waypoints at (X) meter intervals along those lines. Then load this into the tractor AgOpenGPS and show red dots where the poles should go and maybe beep when you are on the spot.
If I were at all a good programmer I would have a go. As all farms need fences and this is an untapped area, so I assumed that it would be ideally a plugin on AgOpenGPS.

Isn’t that quite like tree planter in AOG? I have to admit I’ve never tried how the tree planter works.

EDIT: I see now that this was already proposed.

Has the tree planter been removed as I cant find it in 5.6…
I watched Brians video but it was an old version of AgOpenGPS

Perhaps has been removed now but why not use an older version if that has the desired functionality. Easier than writing new code for the latest version.

I’m sure Kentstuff will pop back in and direct you to where he’s keeping it now. @KentStuff If not I’ll dig around and find it. It will do exactly what you want even on a contour.

KentStuff (KentStuff) / Repositories · GitHub. Download 5.0. It should do what you want.

Thanks Guys…

Yes, that is the latest of them. It had some bugs a bit ago. Thanks @Ray_Jorgensen for posting the link. Again, it doesn’t stretch. Another option is to build an abline corner to corner, and just measure post to post.

Edit: The tree byte was removed from the 5.6 versions. Perhaps further back than that. Brian’s trees did just what is mentioned above. Along a line ping each tree space.