Using MMA8452 and BN005 with V5 AOG

I have just been setting up with V5 as V4 would not work at all with my offset mower. There is no data source tab anymore so how do I setup roll and IMU.

Referring to your title, a BNO085 is literally £14. We are replacing a £5k to £15k system here. Why try to use epically worse hardware to save £14?

IMU type (CMPS14 or BNO085) is automatically selected in the arduino code.

I’m not being frugal. I just didn’t know that V5 meant new hardware. Having just completed my first board this is just inconvenient at the moment and I will switch when I can.

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It’s only a litlle change to better performance, the rest of the hardware is the same.

Do I need a new PCB or can I fit the BNO085 on to my Kaupoimod V3 board

No new pcb required. If you get the adafruit BNO085, buy some jumper leads, you can glue the BNO085 inside your housing somewhere and wire it to the MMA socket or the i2c pins on the pcb.

It also has quick connectors on it so you can buy a lead and plug that plug into the BNO085. You just need pins on the other end of the lead to go to the pcb. This is how I did it with pcb v2.

Thank you. Any way I could get a sketch or diagram of which pins go where?

Ok, I’ve not got a Kaupoi pcb so hopefully this the right one.
Basically VIN, GND, SDA and SCL from the BNO to the pads, slightly right of the middle of the pcb pictured below. Ignore the other pins on the BNO085.



Thank you so much. Looks simple enough to me. Managed to order one from Germany for £30. Appears to be out of stock on most sites.