Using Muller Eletronik GPS PN 804-0050-000

My gps have a RS232 port on the cable and a unknown connector on the device .
I used a RS232 to USB adapter to connect to my laptop , but i am unable to find the port and the lite on the device is of.

The pin layout is like this, +12 volt is fed through the RS232 DSUB9 connector. Assuming it’s the 12 pin round connector at the receiver end. My unit is from Amazone UF sprayer, but made by Müller.


The connector is Deutsch IMC26 series if it’s the round one, here: Spent quite a bit of time figuring out what on earth it was :slightly_smiling_face:

So to use it with USB adapter you need to make a custom cable with the data pins to the RS232 and feed the +12 volt from an external source.

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Thank you for your trouble this will help me alot

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Thank you I have connected my gps as you tolde me and it turned on and I was abel to get a string to open ag gps it got a fix but later lost it I hope it was just a obstruction .

What will the settings be for it to work properly .


Wessel Oosthuizen


If you are getting a fix in AOG the connection should work. Have you checked the baudrate is correct?