Using SBAS with 5.7.2

I was using WAAS (SBAS) corrections with earlier version of AOG successfully last year. I’ve tried with 5.7.2. GPS is smooth for a little bit. Then erratic and totally is lost. GPS returns seems fine and continue cycle.

One tractor I’ve experienced this with is GPS over USB, Kaupoi board. Other tractor I’ve experienced this with is all in one panda board 2.4. using Andre’s base and Rover firmware. Have set sbas and waas corrections as well. The one board I didn’t change firmware or configuration at all from last year using older pcb. It acts the same as the new panda board with updated configuration. Works great with XLR base, but can’t reach all farms.

I probably haven’t given enough information. Any help is appreciated.

Have had better luck using f9p uncorrected. WAAS is only a good idea if you lucky enough to be close to one of its ground stations like Winnepeg.

OK thanks. It seemed to work pretty good last year. Maybe corrections changed since. Would that make it go away totally?

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WAAS has always worked when it feels like it.

Another issue is once you use RTK, WAAS working properly seems more unstable.

I agree with WAAS after rtk. Like going from Cadillac to geo metro. Lol. I was surprised to loose signal totally though. Expected poor performance, but not completely gone every couple minutes. Has nothing to do with new version, or panda right? The one trying to use is gps over USB, no Panda on 5.7.2.

Panda is just syncing imu, does not change the gps data.

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