Using SBG/Raven hydraulics

Hello, I am trying to use our SBG valves with Agopengps, but im not sure if its possible and how to wire the third valve. Here are some pictures from the manual: Naamloos


Use the relay that you will connect to PWM2 (if you are using a citron) and connect this single coil to it. It should work, I think this coil all it does is shut off the orbitrol.

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Please tell us the number /type of the AB valve (the one with two coils)
Then we can find out if it is an on/off or proportional valve.

It’s a fail save valve that will disable the proportional valve. Inside the manifold is a pilot operated pressure relief valve who will react on LS and respond as a priority valve. So yes connect a relay which will activate the single coil valve will do the trick


Okay, thanks :slightly_smiling_face: