Using section control board for other purposes

I was able to score a couple John Deere hydro handles from a 7750i forager cheap, same as S680, 9770 etc with different stickers. I’m going to be using one in my 1688 and swather and since I have 20 or so of the sectional boards seemed like a good way to control the functions / relays in a nice self contained package. Question being, with the relays being single acting on the board, will I need one for each function on the header?

IF you want up and down on the same relay, then yes you would need SPDT relays. Or 2 single relays for up/down


Too easy, should work with the board as it has SPDT relays on it. Thanks Brian

Finally got around to building these, is there a schematic anywhere? Most is pretty self explanatory but I’m drawing a blank on the resistors.

There is no software, they are driven by i2c so you would have to write all the code :frowning:

One of those things i never got done. Please share if you do get it working

Resistor values are on the schematic in github source folder or the support folder on desktop when installing

Thanks for that, just had to get Eagle to view it. Only thing so far is the holes for the diodes needs to be enlarged slightly, I can post one to you once I get it going if you’d like

That would be great. I was going to base it off of this site. really simple use, could be straight code.

There is also a adafruit Library on github here:

Maybe it gets easier with using this?

Something different:
Could it get a problem with the single arduino on the autosteer board to run one or even multiple relay-boards over I2C this way?

Well that was the original plan, do it all off the autosteer board and use the i2c for relay control. Just never got to it :frowning:

Cool idea, my mcp23017 is laying on the table since november, but so less time.
I thought about a scalable system: esp32 or Arduino + mcp linked relaisboard + mcp linked switchboard. So you can make a PCB direct under the frontpanel and place the swichtes and LEDs thru hole mouted. Only power and i2c cable from the main pcb to the lid of the box.