Using starfire receivers with agopengps

Hello I am currently trying to connect my starfire ITC receiver to agopengps. I used a srs232 to usb connector to connect the receiver to my laptop. in agio it says that the receiver is connected but i am not getting a location in agopengps. Any idea how to fix this?


try to show in the console ( arduino) the text that itc transfert but probably JD language

I am not using an arduino. I connected the receiver directly to my laptop. do I need an arduino for this to work?

Try a null modem

First you need to configure the starfire to output nmea on 232 like you would for a rate controller.
Get it to send GGA on the serial output. Rx of one goes to tx of the other. Null modem is an easy way of swapping the wires during testing 232 connections.

Not sure if Starfire needs a response from display to start working.

But really get an ardusimple and go straight to dual band RTK, the reduced overlap and never touching nudge again pays for itself very quickly.
Put it inside the ITC case if you love the yellow dome.


To see the data you just need some serial terminal program, like putty, or maybe you can see something in AOG (press the gears symbol in AgIO and click GPS Data)
The starfire ITC should be capable of producing standard NMEA messages. The latest AOG only needs GGA messages.

Maybe you also need to check bitrate.

Make sure the baud rate is the same on the starfire and that you’ve got GGA and VTG selected. @PotatoFarmer is correct. You might need a null modem adapter (or swap the TX and RX wires if you made your own harness).