Using the RP2040 as embedded controller for AgOpenGPS

This post shall be a little bit like a blog, where I’ll post all information while investigating the Raspberry PI Pico Controller RP2040 as µC for an AgOpenGPS board. Feel free to make suggestions and ask about it here. And it’s also a list of (hopefully) useful links.

Likely you’ll ask yourself now: Why does this guy want to introduce the next µC? There are already the ones from the Arduino Nano and the Teensy4.1.

Yes, you’re right so far, but look at this video how to program that one. And, no, there is no special software needed at all - simply drag and drop the firmware to the board. Quite sure, that people who just want to use AgOpenGPS will like it. They may stop reading here.

Another reason of importance today is the availability: Seems no prob right now (but don’t beat me, if this is changing in some weeks!).

Next argument: The chip is about $1.

And nevertheless the technical features. Honestly I don’t know where to start…

Just have a look at Raspberry Pi Pico – Raspberry Pi. There is so much to mention…

Last but not least programming can be done in a modern language like MicroPython although C is supported as well for sure.

As it is a fully new approach of programming µCs, this manual is a good starting point [do ‘make submodules’ and ‘make clean’ before last ‘make’ on page 5].

In the next time, I’ll expand this post with new information. Right now I’m working with the Arduino RP2040 Connect board and two RTK-1612 boards (photo). Data is already flowing but I didn’t manage to connect to AgOpenGPS so far. If this is done, controlling a motor or valves is only a short step.

Useful links for programmers:


Because there is cutting edge, and even sharper is @GoRoNb. I am amazed at the level and frequency of your mods.

I just barely grasp C, so I will be stuck on teensy and visual studio for some time. Still very cool.

For me it’s seems better to keep one contineus developement line - may be there are 1 or 5 or 10 better µC or software solutions but jumping between so many solutions makes not sense for the single users.

I think trying everything is great.

We now have v5.5 stable for regular single users so that the finish line is not always jumping ahead of them, v5.6 + Panda for the dev and newest release crowd, and users like @GoRoNb and @KentStuff who are building spaceships and changing the way we view both the hardware and software possibilities.


Not sure if that was a complement or derogatory statement, but I’ll take is as a pat on the back. I do enjoy making it do things it was not supposed to do. Once in a while I stumbled on something that might help others.

We have not launched the space ship yet, but the way things are going in the States, we may have to with a few more years like this one.


“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Henry Ford



It was most definitely a compliment, your a very skilled programmer.

Its very difficult to build spaceships. But they do things that are out of this world.


I have been playing with the RP2040 and AOG too. I am using one of these to receive UDP:


Building Spaceships Again.


very nice, but a graphic using web technologies would thrill me more, even if it would be simpler…

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AOG - software for creating custom corn mazes :+1:

Explain. Just a web viewer or actual controls? Or full transfer into web based?

Great spaceship, very cool!

The applications for that are many, makes me want a smaller mower though to decrease physical lawn pixel size.

Already picking out Nazca animals for the yard, lol.

Here in the south United States, the confederate flag is nearly outlawed or taboo. Might just give Google something to edit next time they fly over. They might get the idea we’d like to succeed again. As bad as the economy is currently, might have some of our northern neighbors join us. Thanks Joe!!

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