V 5.4.5 - Long Term release

AgOpenGPS has a history of lots of changes. Mostly because there are a flurry of new ideas constantly.

For those of you who appreciate stability and hate to see icons move around and forms look different - this is your time.

There is context sensitive help - click on the ? at the top left and then click on feature you want some help on. the documentation group is working hard on the manuals and we have a new YouTube channel: AgOpenGPS - YouTube

We hope to get more and more videos there that are to the point and helpful.

As usual, if you see any bugs, let us know.

The other area we are looking into is the concept of a complete hardware system available. Working with other companies, we hope to be able to produce a “kit” with the goal of it being available internationally. This is a huge area most of us have no experience in - also with the shortage of parts which is absolutely frustrating when there are no substitutes. But we will press on.

Be that a kit that needs some assembly, or even built, we hope to make the process much easier. We are starting with a test project which is a dual ublox receiver like many of you have built. Fully surface mounted devices, rugged, and hopefully at a good price. Best of all - no soldering or guessing or asking 500 questions on how to build.

Now that we have the help added to the project, once again we will be doing the crowd sourcing of translations soon.

Things are happening!

The latest: Release Release 5.4.5 · farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS · GitHub