V 5 Beta

Coming soon to a Github near you.

Thanks for all who helped out finding bugs in v5. Release will be out shortly.

Please post any bugs here. Just bugs. The key to good software is many people trying it in all sorts of situations. Your part is vital to good bug free software, so in advance Thank you !!


I’m looking forward. I am grateful for your work.


Many passionate people have made this possible.


Worrying release date! :rofl: :thinking: :black_joker:


Christmas presents for Easter. Hot Dog

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V4.6 becomes V5!


Please post all Bugs here or even better on the Issues page on the github Repo and not in telegram groups :slight_smile:


I am amazed how far you guys have advanced in just the time I have been waiting for back ordered parts from digi key.

Really looking great!


I hope it works…



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Bug with AgIO. Please download zip again

Just noticed: wheelbase can be minimum 50cm, trackwidth minimum 100cm…
(My lawnmower is not 100cm wide… :slight_smile: I think.)
Can this be overrided?

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Very nice! Thanks for the release and all hard work!
What do you mean with “be sure to update the firmware” , to load the new .ino ?

Getting random hangs with AgIO still, is there a new package in github, tried reloading after your message but that’s showing uploaded 10 hours ago…

AgIO just hangs in the background, prior to that traffic is working OK. Need to test on a second computer as well.

Can you post a video?
What happens when hangs?

In AgIO bottom right corner button does strange thing. Minimizes all AOG screen

Uploading a new version to the release. Hang tough everyone.

Thanks Brian for the amazing creation. there are people all over the world who use this app.

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Just stops communicating, AgIO window becomes non-responsive. I’ll take a shot with Brians new version later and reload the ino and see if it’s gone or if I can reproduce a video.

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