V3.0.8 Dec 3, 2019

I’m always apprehensive releasing a new version, but this one adds a lot of nice features. Tramlines, openGL text, yet another way to line up buttons…

This time there is an installer. Just run the .msi and it will put the program in the ProgramFilesx86 directory and create a shortcut on the desktop. Have a look at the video, and give it a try. As always, please post any bugs in the bugs category. Hopefully not too many.

There also is the zip file of the program directory like the old way. Really good idea to delete your AppData\AgOpenGPS\ folder of config files and start fresh.


v3.0.8 tutorial on new features


So its really hard to know everything that can happen when you make a change. The installer puts the program in windows program folder - BUT - when it goes to write the error log, it can’t because it doesn’t have permission to write there. Need to fix for the installer version so it has been removed for now.

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The installer and the zip file are there. Treat them as a new pre release version, please test them and find out if there are any problems. Hard to try every function now, really easy to miss stuff. Looks good though.

This morning found out that if there was an error, the errorLog. txt couldn’t be written because it wrote it in the windows\Programs folder which has access restrictions. These are tricky errors and problems

Prior to using the installer I could see the source code folder as I am trying to learn the coding using the visual studio. now with installer I cannot see the code. Where do I need to look for this? I have worked in visual basic and can follow code just need to understand the C# format. Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Its here:

Yes I have seen it there. but I can not find it on my computer files. Where would I find the code my computer is running. Use to be able to see in windows explorer??

The source files are not included only the compiled exe file.

@OhioFarmer64 go to the link SK21 provided. Click on “Clone or Download” button and select Download Zip. You will find it in your downloads folder as AgOpenGPS.zip. Unzip it to where ever you wish but remember where you do.

Brian and sk21 thanks for your response. I just did not understand how the installer worked. Read how the installer compiles the source code into exe machine code. I have been following this project for about a year and continue to learn something new all the time. I have the pcb board and will be ordering components soon. Here is another thing I have never done, soldering. Taking things slow and asking questions that most on here think I should know. Be patient with me. Thanks

Another option is to just order a complete board from @Aortner .

Speaking of, unless I’m missing something completely, is there any chance that a sticky/link could be made for people looking to just get the PCB from @Aortner? I may be way off base here, but I think as popularity grows the demand for a pre-fab PCB for people without the time/know will grow too. Personally I’d be interested in getting one myself, is contacting @Aortner through PM the way to do it?

please fill out here.

you got an email when all is ready and i have a final price…


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