V4 and Paogi

Today I tried v4 with dual antenna setup of Matthias (mtz). It was not working. (V3 works)
I just checked the code on mobile and could it be that there is a wrong variable declaration?
In form imu settings it is called isHeadingPAOGI and in cnmea and cahrs it is called isHeadingFromPAOGI.

I will check tomorrow on the PC with bigger screen.

Hi Benjamin, at the moment I can’t test. This morning I put a debug version on GitHub
It may solve the problem of no heading, when tractor jumps left/right (the f9p looses heading then).

The data to aog is still the same, so maybe aog bug.

Are you using wifi udp? If you do, pease log about 30 sec the serial port. Switch on debugmodeRAW, nothing else. Do this when driving in the fields. With this log I hope to finde the jumping issue.


You have to use the very latest version of each. We just paired down the values sent in the sentence a couple days ago.