V4 Release

Its about time! Many of you have been trying it and it has been getting hard to find obvious bugs. Thank you to everyone who coded and tested and helped and worked on this. It’s community-ware.

The release is here: https://github.com/farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS/releases/tag/4.0.0

In the notes on the release please read. Ask as many questions as necessary, we have a great forum with lots of users now. Wiki is coming - it really is a lot of work.



Does V4 have a tie in with a relay board and another nano for doing sectional and end lift? If so is that pinout info available.
Once again, Thank you and the others for all your hard work on these updates

does SK21 Rate app tie into V4? :clap:

I updated it this morning. Just waiting for InterApp … :slightly_smiling_face:

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A video or document on how these 2 apps operate togethor would be great. :grin:

The one I have updated is just built-in to AgOpenGPS. It is a different AOG file on GitHub.

When InterApp is finished it would become one of the companion apps.

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Machine control does section and lift on the same board. Yes, docs are very needed to get done.

RateApp might have to take a back seat till we get the current docs stuff caught up.

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Does V4 keep the AB lines from v3 ?

Wow, another big step forward with this version 4.0.0.
congratulations to everyone who contributed.

Fun to watch this video of the start of AgOpen GPS to see how far you’ve come :AgOpenGPS - YouTube
At that time I already found the program very effective for the price!


Yes those are part of the field data.

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Been playing with the v4 release. I created a simple rectangular boundary shape (perfectly 90 degree corners–I edited the GPS positions to ensure that) in google earth, which I imported into AOG. It looks fine but the geofence isn’t quite right. Here’s a picture of it:

Shouldn’t the geofence match the boundary? As it is, on the south side of the field, when doing automatic u-turns, the out of bounds condition flags a stop, even though it’s still within the boundary of the field.

Is this a problem with how I defined the boundary in Google Earth? I didn’t pay any particular attention to the direction of the points.

Here’s the kml file I used. Set the simulator to 49, -111 lat and longitude.
test.kml (1.3 KB)

GeoFence uses very large steps to save tonnes of computation time. Even though you start with 4 or 5 points in kml, new ones are interpolated based on tool width so you can find the boundary when doing uturn. The only thing that actually uses geoF is drive around obstacles and a couple mowers, so big ugly gaps are there for that reason.

The boundary was 5 points in KML, but the Boundary import broke it up into smaller chunks. 385 points.

I just tried it again, and the geofence seemed to match better, but then I closed and opened it, and it wasn’t quite as good anymore. EDIT: but it seems to be working fine now.

From what I could tell the automatic you turn stopped (for me anyway) when outside the geofence. Is that not the case? That’s why I started looking at this more closely.

i should probably have a way to just turn it off since the tractor won’t stop anyway. I could also bump up the number of points

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Probably not a bad idea to kill the autosteer if it goes outside the geofence. I dunno!

On the other hand, with my round fields I regularly breach the boundary while turning as the corners get sharper wedges. So maybe disabling the geofence feature would be just fine.

Whatever you think. Probably a low priority.