V5 not reading WAS signal

I installed the new V5 version and the new version is not getting a reading from my WAS my old version 4.?? is reading it just fine. Dont know if thats in the software or if i have a problem somewhere else?

did you reload the Nano with V5

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Yes I did. At least I think I did it right. It’s done right from the v5 software version now right. no need to upload a different file to arduino and then upload to the board.

I went in setting and set my invert WAS and so on and then up loaded it says it’s uploading for a brief second so I hope it does everything it should

Check in arduino IDE software the console if he communicates correctly
the nano check CMPS and BNO like this :

Did you use the 0 steering angle settings? They usually didn’t have until you moved the slider from setting 0.

No you still have to load the sketch to the Arduino. The only difference is, there is the X loader. Than you don’t need the Arduino ide.

So either way, you have to flash the nano.
On the settings page is just to load the settings to the board, after it got flashed.