V6.3.0 Release

What has been fixed/updated?

Field “From Existing” the sort order messed up if choosing area
Field Menu “Cancel” just cancels now and doesn’t turn off steer etc
XTE averaging limited to 10 cm and resets quickly
Grid size is based on tool width, and as zooming out, is multiples and shows # of reps
Steer Settings - If using Pure Pursuit, hide Stanley settings and vice versa
Auto Trak selects lines at a faster rate and angle forgiveness
Fix Skip Line text
Nav Panel button for grid rotation to align to field
Fix AutoSnap for remote
Remove Min Radius from Vehicle settings - not used
Min autosteer speed sent to steer module - used to send 0.5
Help directed to youtube channel
Boundary Tool Gui is more intuitive
Clean up the gui for boundary Bing draw
GPS Info button move focus to retain colour
Move steer settings from Config to steer form
Add string of points to Bnd Tool Points to fill gaps
Integral default set to 0
Roll corrected position sent to GPS_OUT
GPS_Out updated
Ping Timer added to extended AgIO
Save As vehicle name refresh in Config
Recorded PAth name add time date after save
SkyTraq add 035 to 032 nmea parse
Update AgIO and AOG to v6.3
And a bunch of little things.