Valtra T4 steeringmotor installation


I have been following this topic for a year or 2, and managed to install a per assembled Ortner set up on my tractor and made it steer correctly. I have learned and read a lot. But must admit that many of the electronic topics are a little above my technical capabilities. However I try to understand and persist reading.

I have recently switched tractor and was happy to recover my AGO set for installation into my new tractor.
My old Valtra 8950 had the steering motor installed right onto the steerig column.

I found an example of this installation on youtube and improved the method even a bit.
The new tractor is a t214, with a total new dashboard, which -on first sight- doesn’t has much possibilities to instal the motor.
Before I start experimenting, does anyone has tried this before? Is there a solid point to attach the motormount to?

Ps, The t4 is gps ready. I have already read about using the CANBUS for picking up the steersensors and steering the danfossvalve with AOG, but don’t fully understand how to. So I guess its wise not to try it

Thanks in advance for tips and tricks