Valtra / Valmet Autocontrol

Has anyone attempted to control the Valtra / Valmet Autocontrol electrohydraulic rear lift system with AOG?

Which version / tractor series?

ValtraValmet 900.

Iā€™m using modified Machine_USB.ino file to control my Valtra 6400 tractors Autocontrol B unit.
AOG version 4.3.10

Lifting switch

Principal image:

The 4-channel relay module is connected to the hoist drive switch parallel to the tips.
Relay 1 connects pins 1 and 3 of the switch.
Relay 2 connects pins 3 and 7 of the switch.
Relay 3 connects pins 2 and 4 of the switch.
Relay 4 connects pins 4 and 8 of the switch.

Lifting switch have to be in midle position while driving.

// Modification in AOG 4.3.10 Machine_USB.ino file

if (raiseTimer) //Lifting bar Relays 2 and 4 are enabled (On)
//Implement will go UP

  lowerTimer = 0;       //Lifting bar Relays 1 and 3 are disabled (Off)
if (lowerTimer)         //Lifting bar Relays 1 and 3 are enabled (On)
  //Implement will go DOWN
raiseTimer = 0;         //Lifting bar Relays 2 and 4 are disabled (Off)

// Caution: When hyraulic lifting is enabled, Lifting bars are either
Up or Down


Thank you! It looks as though this layout is the same in the 900. Will try to hook this up.

If I understand correctly, this method gives a signal to the hitch from AOG, but receives no signal for hitch position?

AOG gives info to up and down as remote so the position is control by the tractor panel by yourself