(Variable) Rate control

I collected the card myself. Some parts are missing, I’m waiting in the cargo right now. I waited in vain for w5500 to come from China.

Thanks very much for the software.

Is IC3 important? Or is there an alternative? The IC3 I bought online was too big. It didn’t fit right.

IC2 is needed to provide 5V. I don’t know of an alternative.

Hello everyone, excuse me if it’s a dumb question but I cannot find the files for the pcb, just 2 weeks ago this link https://github.com/SK21/AOG_RC/tree/master/Modules/Teensy%20Rate/RC11_PCB was posted but it’s not working now. Tried looking through the github but didn’t find the gerber files.

It can be found here AgHardware · GitHub

The 330 circled area gets really hot when powered on, I noticed another user posted (AgRate Controller - #2 by TeddyStamford) this board with theirs being turned with 330 oriented outward from the board. Which way is correct?

I think this is getting the hottest first:

That’s a power inductor, polarity doesn’t matter so either way is ok.

What is connected? Is the teensy on the board? Something must be drawing a lot of current.

nothing connected, is powered on like seen in picture above. I am not sure where to start as teensy is programed and will flash orange when off board, but when I put it on the board it will not power on and flash. 2.7-2.2 is what it is reading on board in teensy power pin which it should be 3.3.

There is a relay that kicks on when powered on.

Hi, chek polarity of D2 diode, i can’t see well but it looks wrong.

Mine are the other way around.

I think it is the wrong way around too.

Switched the orientation of D2 and now operational. Thanks all


Could anyone share the settings/steps needing to be made to connect the RC11 board to AOG. I have tried usb and ethernet so far I can not get it to connect.

Also the wifi code https://github.com/SK21/AOG_RC/tree/master/Modules/WifiAOG is no longer here. How can I program the esp-12f on the RC11?

Have you set the ip address?

Here? What about USB, I didn’t think it would matter with usb should connect

I would like to connect by wifi if possible

Please update your rate app. That is an old version.

Where do we enter the modem Wifi username and password? I searched for the code a lot but couldn’t find it.

The esp8266 provides a web page for this. The access point name starts with “WifiRC”. Go to