Very Important - RTK2GO will be requiring email address for all rovers starting in November

Starting in November you will have to provide a valid email address for all rovers (tractors) in the NTRIP Client user account name field when accessing the caster. Its not clear how RTK2GO will enforce this, but it is very likely that if you do not provide an email address you will no longer receive corrections. Expect a big “why can’t I get an RTK2GO fix” influx of posts in November.

I do not have a rover using RTK2GO to test this with, but I believe all that you need to do it enter in a valid email address in the AOG NTRIP setup as per my screenshot.

You can read about it on their homepage directly:

IMPORTANT It is now REQUIRED that all data consumers (Rover devices) provide a valid email address in the NTRIP Client user account name field when accessing the Caster. Please change your connection details to add a suitable email as the user name. Note: This rule will be strictly enforced starting in November, make the change now.

Note: A valid email starts with a char or a digit, and has only ASCII in it or the five chars: ‘+’ ‘-‘ ‘_’ ‘@’ or ‘.’ and is generally in the format: If you send in other chars (such as user name “[“) your device will be rejected.

When the SNIP Caster detects a user name that is a valid email and there is a reoccurring problem with the connection, you will be mailed an email informing you what the problem is and how to correct it. Should your IP be blocked after further bad connections, you will receive one email to notify you. You will receive at most one email per every 6 hours if the problem continues. We will not send you spam or use this email in any other way. With millions of bad connections now occurring every month, we have implemented this to better manage the service for all. Data providers (Base Stations, NTRIP Servers) should still use the same registration information you received when you registered the Base.

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Unfortunately this is likely due to just a couple of unknown people who are running “NTRIP test client” connections against various NTRIP mount points. Whatever this “test client” is, it doesn’t seem to be able to tell when a mount point goes away and happily keeps on trying to connect endlessly.

I imagine that by “valid e-mail address” they mean an address at a domain that actually exists (checked when the http connection is made), and the email address has a valid form. Hopefully that means they’ll support the “+” symbol which does make a valid email address despite a lot of bad programmers’ protestations to the contrary. Likely if abuse is detected, they will attempt to email that address and if it bounces they’ll probably just ban the IP straight away. At least that’s how I’d do it.

I’ve been doing it for weeks, any old password is fine. One issue I did come across (tho I forget which system it was) was that the tractor wouldn’t allow “@” as an input character. Which could be unfortunate…

I should have been clearer - was referring to the inbuilt tractor’s auto-steer, not AOG. Might catch a few people out who aren’t using AOG but were using rtk2go.

I’ve had a few email conversations with the folk running rtk2go. I’m sure they would be amenable to modifying their email validation routine to allow some other character to represent the @ such that a commercial system that doesn’t allow the @ in a username could still work with rtk2go.

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They have amended the caster to accept “-at-” instead of @

Instead of you could enter in