Very nervous lightbar

When using Aog this afternoon (4.3.10), I experienced a very nervous lightbar (using only lightbar on tablet screen, no autosteer). Because no autosteer pcb connected, also no correction from bno / brick / imu, just f9p with rtk correction.
The lightbar “spikes” around the 0 to 8 cm left and right when driving on the line. Very difficult to stay on the line this way.
Anyone who has an idea of what could couse this behaviour?

Where is located your antenna?

and witch tractor ?

Normally when using autosteer I use antenna on front of cab, 280cm above ground.
Now I had it on the nose, about 150cm above ground.
But the land was not rough so it looks like it is not antenna movement that causes the problem.

do you have MMA ?

No, nothing attached only ardusimple f9p via usb. No mma .

do you apply some Ntrip info

you could try to change the setting and make the light bar less aggressive? so maybe double the distance each light means you off the line, i think the program is set to 2cm per light? go to 4 or 6? i mean you have an rtk accurate light bar and the biggest problem might be the human behind the wheel instead of AOG doing the work?

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Do you use Stanley or pp?
What is your look ahead set at.
What is your fix to fix distance set at?
(max fix fix is 4 m)