Vickers Eaton KDG4V wiring

I have a tractor with a Vickers Eaton model KDG4V 5 2C 30N Z M U H7 30 proportional valve already installed ( I am trying to get it working with a Micro 4.1 board running 24V through the Cytron. It has two DIN connectors each with two wires coming out, a blue and brown. I assumed the brown would be power in, and should go to pins 5 and 6 on the board, and the blue to ground. However when connected like this the tractor will only steer to one side (whichever direction I attempt to turn it) and if I invert the steering the wheels will oscillate back and forth, I have also reversed the wiring and the same thing. It appears I am missing something. I have checked the voltage when the harness is unhooked and it appears that pins 5 and 6 are outputting voltage like they should.

Never mind. I did what I should have done in the beginning and unbolted the solenoids and wired them up to figure out how they worked and got them wired properly and my tractor steering.

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