Vickers hydraulic valve slow?

Just fitted a Vickers autosteer hydraulic valve and its made the steering pretty slow, anyone else have this problem?

Wich pcb and what is the pwm output in voltage?

Made the normal steering slower?

I made an OC setup where P was teed to the P going to orbitrol, but T was put direct to tank.
When steering with steering wheel, pressure on A (could be B as well) would move spool inside AB valve, letting oil from P through channels inside autosteer block, and into tank.
I changed setup when I noticed how the small "manual " buttons at ends of A B valve moved out when manual steering.

Yes normal steering, I still need to work on the pipe work as at the moment the P line still seems to be pressurised after working the valve and takes a while to pressure down, think I need to put an orifice in to drain the load sense line.

But I’m still unsure why the manual steering is slow

You must provide picture of system and drawing diagram of piping, to let the forum help you.

I’ll get a photo soon, but is there any adjustment you can make with a Vickers hydraulic valve for flow?

Photos are above, like I say it feels like it is being restricted, anyone have a clue?