Viewing Fields back at home

Is there any way to view worked fields back at base without having to go through the simulator, use field coordinates route?

Would be very handy for diagnostics and also being able to save a view of the job.

A field viewer app would be pretty cool. list if fields on right side, opengl on main showing the field overview.

At least you can set sim to field coordinates, but no other way.


Thanks for the reply Brian. Just checking I wasn’t missing something with regard to the google earth KML side of things. I have attempted a KML boundary once but got it wrong somehow.

So many possibilities, so little time! I really want to brush up on my coding but life is so so busy!

I do hear you!!! Yes, just double click the Field.kml in the field directory - and you can see the field.
Or a in AOG, but that needs the right position.


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Brilliant!! Thank you. I didn’t have google earth pro. Just installed it on my laptop and my tablet. This is exactly what I wanted. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::+1:


I have been reading AOG forum solid today, and the manual is definitely not thick enough.

There are all of these extra functionality tidbits like this getting lost in time.

We’ve done a bit with the time stamp. That is really cool as well. When you open the kml file it will give you a slider to see what time and date each section was painted. Not in the main code. But it is truly amazing what this software is capable of. And who reads manuals? It needs a website, like maybe discourse for people to go back and read in their spare time. LOL!!

That’s the thing I am tracking info down to solve one issue, only to find 10 more pieces of extra functionality that are just hidden. 5.3 should of be called “Easter Egg Hunt”.

Its not a bad thing all these extras, it makes the commercial units seem obsolete.

what is your issue? Might know how to fix it.

Just posted you in another thread, will move there.

Make a list, post it somewhere for documentation team.

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