Vineyard tractor guide with GPS and lidar

Hi i want to build a GPS system for vineyard that will have a lidar that will correct the GPS lines so the tractor will go straight between the rows.
I have seen the idea of putting a “feeler” that fill touch the trunk but i think it will not work with small vines that’s why i want the lidar

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I’m doing something similar with my orchards.
I use the recorded path feature, once you’ve driven it once, it will drive the same line over again. Works well so far, adding actuators now and ultrasonic sensors for autonomous.
Only problem with recorded path is your stuck doing the same routine of rows every time. Recent feature additions are really good. :grinning:

I also want to build some time an autonomous sprayer for olive trees and vineyards but i think lidar will be better than ultrasonic sensors

Lidar is definitely a better way if your trying to identify objects and determine a path, but the programming to achieve this is WAY out of my pay grade. I want to use the ultrasonic just like an automotive reverse sensor, ON if somethings in the way and OFF if everythings OK. Just bought a couple of weatherproof sensors that will act as a switch if anything is detected within 1.5m. JSN-SR04T.

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Hi, is there any update on the AOG Lidar project? I am keen to learn more. Thanks from Ireland.