Visual Micro on Visual Studio

Are there many people using Visual Micro? Have you ever tried it?

I think once you try, you will never go back to the Arduino IDE ever again.

If there are many, I have not registered my new version for 2022 and was thinking of asking if we could get a coupon for the group. This would be good for everyone.

The cost is 45$ per year or 200$ for that version forever. Which is a strange thing as VS keeps changing and so does VM as well.

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Well, I’m writing for this coupon.

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Have you considered PlatformIO, for VS Code?
It is free and is leaps and bounds above the Arduino IDE.

Visual Studio is leaps above VS code.

PRoject made in VC Code can’t be compiled in Arduino IDE.

I don’t mean to imply that VS code is comparable to VS, but as a free Open source alternative PlatformIO is very good. I’m sure microVS has a few more features, but for those looking for autocomplete, intellisense, sourcecontrol, in-line debugging, OTA uploads, and things of that nature it is a big step up from Arduino IDE. Project created in PlatformIO can also be compiled on the arduino IDE, you will just need to add one line to the .ini file to get it to spit out a .ino file. I tested it out this morning and everything compiled and uploaded fine. If you haven’t had a chance to try it I definitely recommend it.

I did. I also tried Arduino IDE 2.0

Have you tried it? It is completely designed for the Arduino environment in VS Code. Compatible 100% with the old projects. Has intellisense. Works really well. It is basically plarformIO with all the other stuff you don’t need if doing an Arduino project.

Might be the best of all the worlds if not using Visual Studio.

I did try the 2.0 IDE. It was relatively new at the time though, and I ran into a few bugs with the compiler not recognizing some libraries. I’m sure they have fixed it since then, but I haven’t gone back to it since
I started working in PlatformIO. It was a big step up from the original Arduino IDE though, and definitely another good option.

Yes, just tried recently and worked pretty well. Still no Teensyduino for it yet though.

I really wish PlatformIO was friendlier to existing arduino projects. but understand they had to standardize on a basic Main instead of the odd ino that hides all that stuff.

IT is quite an ask to send out a platformIO project on github and then say for everyone to install PlatformIO and all the required plugins to change a baud rate setting.

I agree that is the big downfall. May have to give micro a try.