VR for Flexi Coil 40 and 50 series air carts


Did someone try the variable rate control on a 40 or 50 series Flexi Coil air cart? There is a sensor shortage since since two years for these carts. We ended up getting used meter rpm sensors this year for our variable rate cart, that kept us going. Aparently the sensor shortage is going on since two years with no solution soon. (Flow meters for sprayes included)

I looked at the rate contol app in AOG and i think it’s 95% there. We might have to add an upper and lower fan speed band and a hydraulic pressure alarm.

The calibration process could be a bit fine tuned by calibrating all three or four meteres together using a push button on yhe cart but that should be it.

Bin / Tank level can be monitored by cameras and who need the air flow sensors on the manyfold anyways.

I’m thinking of removing the entire Flexi Coil system except for the alternator and battery and calibration button. Then connecting the AOG variable rate app to the exisiting motors.

Has anyone attempted this?