W5500 to ESP32 wiring help needed

I need to know how to correctly wire my W5500 to my PCB and not burn up the ESP32 board.

My PCB design is from Jim Duggan’s Schematic shown below.

I am using the HanRun H9R11105A 2203 W5500 ethernet shield shown below and learned that not all W5500s are pinned the same. I have numbered the ports on the green block on the PCB in yellow and labeled where they go on the PCB using ESP32 pin numbers in red. I have the yellow 8 & 9 on the W500 pins where the GND and 5V should go (I think).

What I need to know is where the pins on the W5500 should be inserted into the green block, ie SCK to yellow #6. I’ve searched everywhere I can think of and can’t find a schematic for this task. Apparently the pins on the ESP32 can have many differing uses based upon the program it is running on…who knew? I still think AI means artificial insemination, so I am not up for this task without more forum assistance!

Thanks again for any and all help.

So looks like it could be any. Can you look at the code and see which pins that uses?

Or tell us which code you’re using?

Showing my near total lack of understanding here, however by “what code am I running” you mean what firmware I have loaded using the Flash Download tool v 3.6 on to the ESP32, it is \ESPrtk 3 10 0 0 0x0 shown in green on the below picture.

I am unsure of how to look at the code without the guidance of my adult son who is gone today…via serial monitor some how I imagine. Will look into it when he returns tomorrow. Not being bothered by a lot of knowledge on my part, it is the best I can do right now…


Davidwedel…as I understand it, I cant see the code because it is no open source…still hoping someone here has used this W5500 and will chime in on how to wire it…will see if ESPrtk can help me out…thanks

So I’m curious why you need the w5500. The esp32 is capable of wireless connection.

Davidwedel…Ethernet connection seems to provide a more stable connection

Do you know, does the code have support for an ethernet module? Or was this your own idea to add the w5500?
Where did you get your instructions on how to build the setup?