Waas gnss receiver

Does anyone know a L1/L2 waas gnss receiver ?!
I like f9p , but if no rtk , it’s useless …

I cannot help but could you clarify if you are after a multiconstellation receiver? Don’t think WAAS works with anything else than GPS. Also never heard of L2 with WAAS. I’d assume it would be L1 only and GPS only but I would be happy to be wrong.

By the way, why not RTK from another F9P? Probably cheaper than a commercial WAAS capable receiver.


Please help me interpret that post. The Novatel Smart2 is a multiconstellation multifrequency receiver but with WAAS I’m afraid it is what the spec sheet says:
“GPS L1 position, velocity and time with SBAS support”

Yes, just L1 but accurate enough.

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I already have an f9p rtk base , but sometimes in border of forest i loose lte connection …Sometimes job dont need cm acuracy (for example in combine ). So sbas is enough . I forgot to say , I prefer it low cost … Do you know how much is Novatel smart 2 ?

I doubt Novatel Smart2 would be the low cost option. 400+ Euros an older model here, second hand:

I’m guessing 1000+ Euros new.

I understand many tasks are fine with SBAS only. A pity F9P does not support it. F9P as a portable low range RTK reference base could be the lower cost option. A portable base just means more hassle when changing between fields.

Only bad part. About $1450 US for the Smart6L two years ago.

Are you sure it is lte you loose. The SBG geostar 200 I use at work always loose GPS signal (not enough satellites) when within 20 m from forest for more than 10 seconds. So can never use autosteer (no rtk) the first round or two.

you are right , near forest , it’s not enough satellites .But LTE is the bigger problem to me ,
especially in hilly fields.

@NorthernFarmer I don t want a portable base , My correction problem concerns only 1 to 2% of my cultivated area.

Considering that, and if I can’t find a lowcost, I will be driving in these areas! AOG makes us lazy ! :smiley:

At work we also have problems in some areas with both 2G and 3G reception for rtk(with special SBG modem) . My old phone had problems too so I searched for a new one with better reception. Found one that was approved for outback Australia, and it really receives calls much better than the old one.
Edit: Remembered wrong, not approved, but the Blue Tick led me to the one i have now.

Oh, great! What is this device?

Huawei honor 7 lite
Model : NEM-L21
Some markets they are maybe called honor 5 c
Search for blue tick phones, different years.

But that is still an “ordinary” smartphone. A GPRS modem with a good roof mounted antenna should be still much better.

I’m a bit surprised if you Larsvest can find a spot of no cellular coverage in your country, even if the phone was in your pocket? I cannot imagine any cultivated field in any of the northern Europe countries (including the sparsely populated ones) that could have such issues (unlike in densely populated countries like the UK).


In Europ, our SBAS system is EGNOS. WAAS is only for US. So I think @Tooki57 needs a GPS receiver that support EGNOS SBAS.

Why L1/L2 GPS receiver couldn’t use SBAS ?

It seems that TeeJet provide L2/L2 with SBAS compatibility GNSS Antena:

But, I agree, I don’t think it’s a low cost solution.


I tried to have that confirmed by EGNOS home but the information is too hidden for me. You are right though, the referred documents seem to confirm L2 support. Perhaps the lack of L2 is more of a HW issue on low cost EGNOS/WAAS receivers.

Do you agree with the GPS limitation?

It is an ordinary phone, I bought it january 2017, because I found Honor 7 in this test https://ens.dk/sites/ens.dk/files/Tele/mobilephonetest2016ver4.pdf At that time I did not realize it was a lite version I could buy cheap (110 Euro)
luckily it turned out to be good at reception(also in this particular area with sea to one side and hill plus forest between you and mobile sender)
My 7 lite was able to be used as hotspot for a Trimble device i was provided with to mark special old trees with Penmap. (At places in the forest where the Trimble device could not recieve signal for rtk.)

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Not sure to understand the question:


I was referring to EGNOS only supporting GPS, not GLONASS. Or has this changed lately?


According to the ESA wiki, EGNOS support only GPS and Galileo:


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