Wandering from AB line

Having a problem today where the tractor wanders slowly approx 25 cm left of the line and suddenly steers right to get back to the line. Weirdly only does it in one direction up the field - coming back all is fine !
Using BNO Imu if that helps anyone ?
Any tips gratefully received.
Thank you

Is you’re BNO working fine? Watch the imu heading. I’ve had the BNO not start and show 0deg heading. A restart will normally fix it.

Thank you but BNO working fine

Check your was. Usually its the was.

What is your frame count when this happen? (click speed to get that info)
If computer is occupied with somethin else, it forget to allow aog to steer for a while.
What is your min and gain settings (settings in general)

Hi Lars
WAS is the Fastrac sensor so think probably unlikely to be that.

Gain 30
Min 13

Weird the way it happens only one way up the field
Turn round and come back and it works 0-1-0-1 cm?

Laptop only running AOG
I can make the problem work the other way by altering the wheel angle sensor zero ?

If your WAS isn’t centered it will do that. Do you have any integral? Integral tries to fix that so turn it off for tuning.

I will try turning the integral to zero.

Could it be faulty BNO perhaps ?

So started working correctly after turning integral to zero. Hopefully that’s it :crossed_fingers:
Thank you