Wandering on AB line

Good morning. I have 2 articulated 4wd’s (IH 3588 and JD8650) and a combine with this system and all behave the same, they will wait until they are up to 20cm past the line before turning back towards the line working at about 4 to 5 mph. This is V2 board with Ardusimple RTK2B LR kit and BNO085. Ive tried PP and Stanley and just about every setting i can think of. I’m using chevy ride height sensor (L71064) for my WAS. The turn around feature works ok but its slow and then decides to turn too sharp and then straighten out too early and slowly drift back to the line (if that gives you any idea of anything). Overall it’s not bad performance but I’d like to see it track a little closer to the line.

Show all your settings ?

my counts per degree iw 168, i have ackerman set to 100, max steer angle is 29, I’m having better luck in pure pursuit and I have power set to 99, Max set to 139, Low set to 60 and min set to 17. look ahead set to 4.2, look ahead speed gain set to 2.1, sidehill deg set to 0.19, and integral set to 11.

these seem to be my closest settings but i have had them all set all over the place.

Perhaps not the latest version of AOG?
But I think your min is too low.
You can increase untill steering shift side constantly

Remember, you can get help on any setting by pressing the question mark at top right, and then on (in this case) the proportional gain slider:

If it’s oscillating as you describe, lower the pgain - think of pgain as “I’m miles off the line, so I better turn harshly to get there quick” - but then if your min is a little too low, it might not be able to revert quickly enough either.

If your turn-around is too slow to turn, you might want to increase minimum a little.

The system is in “acquire” if you’re >10cm off the line - and if <10cm, it’s in hold. Think of those two sliders as to how aggressive you want each to be (be harsher to find the line, lower acquire - slower to find the line, higher acquire). Same for Hold.

You need to watch what’s going on and think about which part is causing the issue - is it finding the line that’s the problem, or holding it once it has it?

Deal with one issue at a time.

A video Brian made years ago!

When making initial settings it might be good to avoid influence from tilt. So set antenna hight to ZERO m, and set no sidehill or integral.
GPS IMU is ok at 50/50 percent.
Make sure you get GPS signal in at 8 or 10 HZ (click on your speed to get that info)

Then tractor should go exactly both ways on same line (wheel track on top of each other) when on a level area. Else WAS is not correct at zero or antenna not at center of tractor. (Or you have slack in WAS linkage)
NO implement allowed, because implements can drag sideways.

My two guesses are reduce look ahead to 2.4, and increase steer angle to 40 degrees.